Former IGN Editor-in-Chief Joins Epic Games’ ChAIR

Former IGN Editor-in-Chief Hilary Goldstein has joined Epic Games' ChAIR. ChAIR Creative Director, Donald Mustard made the announcement on Epic Games blog. Hilary Goldstein will serve as the "Integrated Media Manager," a special position created just for him it seems. He'll work closely with ChAIR to bridge the gap between the developer and its fans.

"We’re thrilled to confirm today that Hilary Goldstein will be taking on our newly created role of Integrated Media Manager at the end of June," wrote Mustard. "Embedded within the development team here at ChAIR, Hilary will provide access to the team and our games in ways that will bring us closer to our fans than ever before."

Hilary Goldstein left IGN in the summer of 2011. ChAIR is the developer behind the popular Infinity Blade series.

Source: Epic Games


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