Nvidia: Open to Acquisition that ‘Fit Into’ Its Current Business

Nvidia Chief Executive Jen-Hsun Huang said Tuesday that his company was open to acquisitions that fit into its business. Huang spoke to the Wall Street Journal about Project Shield and other issues important to the company at Computex, Asia’s biggest PC trade show.

While Nvidia is dipping its toe into the video game hardware market with Project Shield, it has said in the past that the company built the device to showcase what is possible with its portable graphics chip technology. In other words, it is fine if the product isn't a massive success with consumers. It also has a lot of competition in the hand-held space from other Android devices like GameStick and Ouya, as well as top shelf hardware from Nintendo and Sony.

When asked about building tablets or PCs, Huang said that they were going to avoid markets where there's already plenty of competition:

"We will not build things that the market already has….such as smartphones, PCs and tablets.”

Huang says that Nvidia will continue to focus on what it is successful at: creating graphics chips for servers, data centers and mobile devices.

Nvidia's last major acquisition was Icera in 2011. The company paid $367 million for the wireless 3G and 4G cellular phone and tablet modem maker. Last year, the company also acquired 500 patents in wireless communications from IPWireless for an unspecified sum.

Source: WSJ


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