Chinese Game 300 Heroes A Mash-Up of Copyrighted Material

Some game developers in China are known for taking liberties with copyrighted material (read: ignoring copyrights altogether), but a MOBA-style game called 300 Heroes pointed out by Crusader Cast is probably the most blatant mash-ups of stolen material you'll ever see.

300 Heroes rips-off every franchise or intellectual property including the gameplay of League of Legends combined with skins slapped onto existing LoL champions. Those skins are rips offs of characters from Naruto, Shrek, Disney, One Piece and Angry Birds and the lobby's backdrop is stolen from Plants vs. Zombies. The game would not stand a chance if it were available anywhere else but China (it's not) because lawyers from every corner of the earth would sue the game's developers into the stone age.

You can check out the Crusader Cast featuring the game to your left to see just how badly this game infringes on so many different copyrights.

Source: The Escapist

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