EA Takes One Month to Bring Battlefield 1943 Back Online

An extensive investigation by Eurogamer has revealed that EA's Battlefield 1943 has been offline for nearly a month and EA did very little to rectify the situation. The story began when a tipster told Eurogamer that BF1943 was not playable on PlayStation Network or Xbox Live. In order to find out, Eurogamer writer Robert Purchese bought the game and tried to connect. He received the same error message that everyone else had been getting since May 10: "Network ERROR. LOGIN FAILED."

After contacting EA's PR department he was told that a statement was forthcoming. A statement never came. Meanwhile users were told multiple times by the game's support team that the problem was being looked into. It took EA almost a month to fix the problem. The company never apologized to customers for the downtime and never disclosed what was causing the problem.

"Just moments ago, our Software Engineers were able to get this sorted, and you should not experience this issue any more," the company wrote in a forum thread.

EA did not disclose how they would (or if they even will) compensate those customers who couldn't play the game for almost an entire month. Some are also speculating that the downtime was due to a DDoS attack, but EA has not said what the exact reason for the extended downtime was.

You can read Eurogamer's extensive report on this here.

We'll have more on this story as it becomes available.


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    MechaCrash says:

    The players noticed rather quickly. It took a month to get the issue fixed.

    Shit like this is why always-on DRM is a horrible idea: if they're going to make us call them every time we want to play a game, they damn well better be there to pick up the phone. And they won't be, because once they have our money, they don't care.

  2. 0
    SeanB says:

    An game with free online multiplayer is launched in 2009. 4 years later it goes offline.

    Takes a month for anyone to notice….

    Maybe nobody is playing it anymore…..

  3. 0
    GrimCW says:

    Now if they could fix the issue where the game suddenly goes completely insane and has fragments and artifacts all over the screen as if i was playing on my PC and the video card was overheating.

    No really.. 2 dif Xboxs and i get the same problem on both, play for a bit and then it would go nuts before locking up and crashing. Only this game….  haven't played in awhile it was getting so frequent, even when i'd check in to see if it was fixed, nope….

    maybe this did it? i can only hope.. BF1943 could've been so much better… total waste though :/

  4. 0
    Infophile says:

    Well, I don't know about MS, but there was that time the PSN was hacked. Of course, Sony did do a lot to apologize for that (including free games for their customers), so they're still doing better than EA.

  5. 0
    IanC says:

    Wow. This si why i hate how Sony and MS have given EA so much power when it comes to online gaming. Theres no way either of them would of let a game stay offline for a month.





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