It’s Official: The Dishwasher Getting a Windows Port

After yesterday's story that Ska Studios XBLA game The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile had been hacked, ported and pirated by a Russian hacker, Ska Studios founder James Silva said today on his development blog that The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile Director's Cut is headed to PC.

"Porting Vampire Smile to PC as an enhanced Director's Cut has been something I've been wanting to do since launch," said Ska founder James Silva on the developer's blog. "We had actually broached the subject with Microsoft last Friday, almost a week before this [the hacker port] happened. Nothing's set in stone, but we got the go ahead to make a pre-announcement: we'll be working with Microsoft to bring our stuff to PC."

Silva also felt the need to point out that the Russian hacker is not a bad guy for what he did, because he did it for all the right reasons and not for any kind of personal gain:

"'Barabus,' the guy responsible for the port/hack, is not a bad guy, and I think he didn't intend to come across the way he came across. Really am honestly flattered that he took the time and effort to reverse engineer Vampire Smile for PC. I heart your enthusiasm, Barabus! (just stop calling it justice, please!) Of course, we can't condone it, but we definitely recognize that the only thing we can really do about it is the original plan: port to PC."

Silva went on to say that porting a game is a major headache, and the reason he did not get right to work on it was because he jumped into developing his new game Charlie Murder. When that game is done he will start working on the port.

"Once Charlie ships, I'd like to try working on a Vampire Smile PC port, but I'd really like to give it a Director's cut treatment – rework some areas, add environmental hazards and new enemies, etc, so we wouldn't really be missing out if there's a cracked torrent with broken shaders floating around somewhere."

Source: Eurogamer


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