Man Goes From House Arrest to Jail After Getting Tired of Playing Xbox Games

A 19-year-old man has asked police to lock him up for the remainder of his sentence in jail because he is tired of playing Xbox 360 games under house arrest. While the 19-year-old man in Whangarei, New Zealand was on easy street – confined to his home and placed under electronic surveillance – he begged to serve the last month of his 11 month sentence in jail because he ran out of Xbox games to play. He is now serving out the rest of his sentence in the Northland Region Corrections Facility, which houses 548 minimum to high security prisoners.

Under the house arrest laws in New Zealand, prisoners can serve a maximum sentence of 12 months for house arrest. New Zealand officials likely prefer house arrest for low level prisoners because it costs a lot less than housing them in a facility – roughly $58 a day, compared to $249 for imprisonment in a state run facility.

Police took the 19-year-old man in because he said he would breach his home detention if he wasn't picked up and taken to jail.

Police are certainly accommodating in Whangarei, apparently. Maybe he should have thought about getting a Netflix account…

Source: Northern Advocate by way of NeoGAF


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