Are Publishers Playing Dumb on Support for Xbox One Used Game System?

Showing that at least a handful of news outlets are chasing the truth on Microsoft's new system that allows game publishers to shakedown consumers on used games, CVG, GameSpot and MCV have collectively contacted ten high profile third-party publishers to ask if they plan on using the new system including Bethesda, Activision, Capcom, Take-Two, Namco Bandai, Electronic Arts, Sega, Square Enix, and Konami.

Unfortunately not one company had the courage to say that they would not be using the new system.

Bethesda told GameSpot that it has not had time to "fully understand and evaluate their policy." Activision, Ubisoft, Capcom, Take-Two and Namco Bandai declined comment. EA, Sega, Square Enix and Konami did not respond to the inquiry.

It is very hard to believe that these companies that have already announced Xbox One games do not know about this system. If the Xbox One is to be released at the end of the year (let's guess and say it gets released in November) that means that these developers have around five months to complete the games they are developing. How could they not know about a system that is at the very heart of the Xbox One? 

We'll have more on this story as it develops.

Source: CVG

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    wii_charles says:

    If the pushback is strong enough, I expect Microsoft will soften what they're doing to make it seem acceptable, and then once everyone is used to it, tighten the reins. I also suspect that Sony's own policies will not diverge that much from Microsoft's; they've just managed to avoid talking about it so far. 

    If gamers wanted to make a statement that they aren't going to accept this sort of thing they would just buy a Wii U, but instead tons of people are going to buy the Xbone, then become used to the restrictive policies. These will become the norm, and you will be an old timer if you remember the days of "used games." It's the Microsoft way; force things we don't want down our throat, then wait for us to accept it as the way things are, and then force more stuff down our throat. 

    The future is written.

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    CoconutCyclone says:

    If Sony doesn't change anything about how used games work currently, they're going to dominate this generation. I don't have much hope in that happening though. I suspect that I'll just go back to being a PC only gamer, unless the Steam Box is a real thing.

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    Imautobot says:

    It stands to reason that if the publishers can dictate a fee for using a used game on one console that it would have to have a means to do it on another.  Failing to have equity here will result in there being a very specific winner in the console war.  

    While I am already signifying the death my by Xbox love, I am concerned that PS4 may have a similar used-game-pricing scheme.  Because all we really know about PS4 is that it will play used games, and that is all we really know about the Xbone.

    Naturally I'm concerned about how these companies are wording their comments; there is simply too much ambiguity surrounding these consoles.  I fear that the backdoor pricing is going to be spread across both consoles.  If so, I hope sales of both consoles and their software crash, that's really they only way they'll learn.

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    ZippyDSMlee says:

    Disc content should be exempt due to first sale doctrine, you want to take licensing to the nth degree I will take pirating to the nth degree.

    I buy used its the only way I buy anything I can not afford anything else, and sometimes I even buy digital content.

    All this licensing BS means more piracy since you will have to run hacked games off a hacked system meaning there is no point in buying even used titles……..

    Another reason I will probably go with one legged hacks is trainers I can semi customize difficulty and try and enjoy watered down and half assed content.

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    james_fudge says:

    I see the tactic Microsoft employed in releasing this before E3. They must think Sony is going to say something similar about used games, then all the heat will be on PSs4 instead. That is my prediction.

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    E. Zachary Knight says:

    Of course they don't want to respond. They see hatred flying in response to Microsoft announcing the anti-consumer features. They don't want any of that directed toward themselves. They will simply wait till it is too late for anyone who buys into the XBone to do anything about it.

    Good thing I won't be getting an XBone.

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