BMO’s E3 Expo Predictions

BMO Financial Group issued a report offering a "preview" of the Electronic Entertainment Expo next week in Los Angeles – or rather, what the firm thinks will transpire there and what trends will be important.

Williams says that he expects PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be the highlight of the show, with Sony finally unveiling what the PS4 will look like, and both Sony and Microsoft revealing final specifications for their new hardware systems. He also says that the main focus at E3 will be about games, even though both systems have heavy support for a variety of entertainment options.

"We believe the category is poised to show some renewed strength – principally driven by a strong software line up and the launches of next-gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony."

The report also makes some predictions on price-points, releases dates, etc. for the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft:

"The consoles will launch in mid to late November. With a retail price point (at least for a base SKU) of $399, we expect supplies to be somewhat limited this holiday, and for demand to outpace supply."

On used games on Xbox One, BMO offers the following opinion:

"Microsoft continues to provide some increased clarity on the licensing terms. You’ll be able to share the game with your friends, your family can still play your games…but it still feels like it’s going to be different with the potential of negatively affecting the used business. Increased visibility around this topic will be critical for GameStop."

Finally BMO believes that EA and UBI will use E3 to "showcase a strong line up of titles for the balance of this year – as well as to highlight some of the ways that they will harness the power of the next-generation consoles."

You can read the research report here (PDF).


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