Michael Pachter: Publishers Won’t Block Used Xbox One Games

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter does not believe that third-party Xbox One game publishers will disable used games using the system Microsoft has put in place to do just that on its next-generation platform. Pachter goes so far as to say that any publisher that disables used games runs a serious risk of significant backlash or boycotts from consumers. In a note to investors today, Pachter said the majority of publishers will not block used games in the system's first few years.

"In our view, any publisher that disables used gaming risks a backlash or boycott of its titles by gamers, negatively impacting sales," he said.

Speaking further to GameSpot about the issue, Pachter said that activation fees are also unlikely.

"They would face a huge backlash. They wanted manufacturers to do the dirty work, and both refused," he said.

Pachter also said that, if publishers do disable used games, it would likely be in the launch window of a game's release.

Ultimately Pachter thinks this is going to affect GameStop in a very negative way.

"We believe that this disclosure has the greatest potential to negatively impact GameStop's business, as GameStop is unlikely to participate directly in these digital sales," he said.

Source: GameSpot



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