Get-Well Gamers Foundation Praises Sony for Stance on Used Games

Get-Well Gamers Foundation President Ryan Sharpe joined millions of other gamers in the community praising Sony for its stance on always on and used games (revealed during its E3 Expo press conference tonight). In case you didn't know, Get-Well Gamers is a charity that gives games and game systems to children's hospitals around the world. Sharpe criticized Microsoft last month for its mixed message on used games for the Xbox One, noting at the time that his organization would be hard pressed to give Xbox One games and systems to its network of partner hospitals because of the restrictions on used games and the hidden costs that would be a burden on them.

Tonight after hearing Sony's thought on consumers owning their entertainment Sharpe offered the following comments:

"From a Foundation standpoint, The PS4 does everything the Get-Well Gamers needs it to. No online checks, no used game restrictions, nothing that would keep the Foundation from donating their systems and games to all 180+ children's hospitals the Foundation serves.

The Foundation started on the back of the PS1, in many ways, because in 2001 it was one of the more mainstream systems and when the PS2 came out they were in ready supply due to backwards compatibility while still having a large library of games. Through the PS2 and PS3 eras, Sony systems and games remained a mainstay in our inventory, and while the lack of backward compatibility is still disappointing, it's nothing like the Xbox One restrictions that will make it impossible for us to donate Microsoft's hardware and software to the majority of our facilities."

You can learn more about the good work that Get-Well Gamers does at

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