PETA Launches Cage Fight: Knock Out Animal Abuse

With the tagline "knock out animal abuse," People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' (PETA) new 8-bit style beat 'em up lets you take on "animal experimenters" using real MMA fighter Aaron Simpson and Georgi Karakhanyan, with Octagon Girl Arianny Celeste. Cage Fight: Knock Out Animal Abuse lets players beat up waves of "scummy animal experimenters and free animals from painful laboratory tests."

"Cage Fight doesn't just show you how animals suffer in laboratories—it gives you the chance to combat cruel animal experimenters, both in the game and in real life," says PETA Director of Marketing Innovations Joel Bartlett. "While you're pummeling sadistic experimenters with MMA fighters' fists in the game, you can use PETA's website to fire off protest letters to real-world institutions that cage, poison, and kill animals."

Cage Fight: Knock Out Animal Abuse joins PETA's other games including Mario Kills Tanooki, Pokémon Black & Blue: Gotta Free 'Em All, and Super Chick Sisters.

You can check out the game here. You can also check out an interview with some of the MMA stars that worked with PETA to help make the game here. For a change, this PETA game focuses on an issue instead of making a point about an imaginary video game character.


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    Conster says:

    Maybe Kajex is talking about Mary Beth Sweetland, the PETA exec who thinks it's okay for her to use diabetes medicine that she admits contains animal products because she needs her life to fight for animal rights.

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    Neeneko says:

    Trotting out people who benefit from something does not negate the cost.  

    One can argue about the relative benefits or if non-human animals are worthy of concern, but 'Group Y's cost does not matter because look at what Group X gets out of it!' is not as helpful as you might think.  History is full of groups who are asked to 'take one for the team' and pointing out how much other people benefited from their involuntary sacrifice.

    Crow for PETA this is actually pretty sane.  It addresses a real issue rather then some faux outrage or sillyness.

  3. 0
    Kajex says:

    Nice work, PETArds.

    How about next time, you make a game where you have the protagonists shoot up a hospital full of people that benefit from medical testing?

    … Oh wait. That'd mean that all of PETA would be antagonists too, since they benefit from the effects of medical testing.

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