Redbox Opens Public Forum to Talk About Next-Gen Game Rentals

DVD and video game rental company Redbox has launched a website to encourage consumers to discuss Sony and Microsoft's rental policies for games on their respective next-generation consoles. Microsoft and Sony are set to host their E3 press conferences later today. Microsoft has already indicated that it will let publishers decide if used games can be used on the console, but Microsoft has not indicated how the new system will handle rentals.

The leading video game rental sources in the country – Redbox and GameFly – are not publicly commenting on Microsoft's used games policy and how it may affect their future.

You can get involved in the conversation at Redbox by visiting

Judging by what Microsoft has said already, video game rentals will not be supported at launch on the Xbox One. Hopefully Microsoft is singing a different tune by the end of the week or companies like Redbox and GameFly are going to take a serious hit to their business – and if Sony takes a similar position it could be a one-two knockout punch for the video game rental sector.

Source: Kotaku


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