Report: Best Buy Pulling Wii U Basic Units from Stores

It looks like Best Buy may be joining GameStop in "adjusting their stock" of Wii U Basic consoles units too. According to a leaked memo sent to Kotaku, Best Buy is getting rid of its 8GB Wii U stock. The memo tells store employees that "stores should pull all new in-box units and send them back" on June 10-11. "Store should expect to see more Wii U deluxe units arriving in the coming weeks," the memo adds.

Last week Nintendo said that reports about the 8GB unit being discontinued were off the mark, with GameStop simply "rebalancing" its stock. But Best Buy's memo seems to indicated that the retailer isn't just "rebalancing" its stock, it is rejecting the 8GB model altogether and returning it to Nintendo.

The 8GB Wii U retails for $300, while the 32GB Deluxe model sells for $350.

Source: GameSpot

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