How to Share Games on PS4

June 11, 2013 -

If Sony's jabs at Microsoft at its E3 2013 press conference don't irritate executives in Redmond, Washington tonight then this hilarious video from Sony will. In it, two Sony Computer Entertainment executives demonstrate how you share games on the PlayStation 4 in one simple step. Sharing on the Xbox One is a bit more complicated...



Re: How to Share Games on PS4

Awesome BURN!

Re: How to Share Games on PS4

Huh.  After the godawfulness that was the PS3 build-up and launch, I never imagined I would be rooting for Sony within a single generation.  Stick it to 'em, Kaz!  Nintendo has made themselves ignorable, so it didn't really matter what their used games situation was.  But PS4 will be the multiplatform equal (ok, peer) of XBone.  If PS4 doesn't have these restrictions, it'll be suicide for the XBone to have them.  Hopefully.  After Windows 8 and the XBone, I think MS could use a good ass-whooping.

And yes, this was indeed a truly sick burn.  The only thing that could have made it better is Kevin Butler.

Re: How to Share Games on PS4

I love how Nintendo apparently doesn't matter, but people have to bring attention to that.

Re: How to Share Games on PS4

Sorry about your butthurt, but it's pertinent.  Nintendo is simply not getting the multiplatform releases, and is not even trying to compete graphically, so it's not really an alternative to the other two.  XBone and PS4 will have much more in common library- and performance-wise, and so something like this could conceivably make someone get a PS4 instead of an XBone.  You would be getting a similar experience, and similar games, on either one, so your choice could come down to issues like this.  The Wii U is an altogether different beast.  If what you want is a Wii U kind of experience, neither of the other two would be a satisfactory substitute, and vice versa.

Re: How to Share Games on PS4

Here Microsoft, have a coupon for the burn ward.

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