Killer Instinct for Free – Sort Of

Besides serving up the most misogynistic moment of E3 so far (during the press conference when the Killer Instinct lead told an Xbox Community Manager to "Just let it happen, it'll be over soon"), Microsoft revealed that Killer Instinct for Xbox One would be free… sort of. The game will let you have the very first character – Jago – with the game when you download it. But after that, all other characters from the game are going to cost you extra. Players will be able to buy these characters individually (which will cost more) or buy them in groups as part of an undetermined bundle.

Killer Instinct on Xbox One is a reboot of the classic fighting game from Rare that was popular in the 90s on Nintendo platforms and at the arcades. Interestingly enough, most of the developers at Rare that worked on the original game have moved on. The game is actually being developed by Double Helix, with oversight by Rare.

While there's nothing wrong with selling characters, giving players one character at launch seems a bit stingy to everyone.

Ultimately players will support this game based on just how much each new character costs. The upside is you don't have to buy any character that you happen to think are stupid – and let's face it – most fighting games have at least one or two characters that someone somewhere thinks is absolutely moronic…

Kotaku has an in-depth look at the game here.


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