Star Citizen Raises $10 Million in Crowd Funding

We almost missed this one! Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games’ Star Citizen has managed to raise an impressive $10 Million in crowd funding through a combination of its Kickstarter campaign and through its own crowd-funding efforts on its web site and via PayPal. Most of the money, $7.8 million, has been raised on the Star Citizen site. It took the company a mere eight months to raise the money too. Back in February the game hit the $8 million mark.

Star Citizen is a space sim game from legendary designer Chris Roberts. You may know Chris Roberts as the man behind the hit game series Wing Commander or his Privateer and Freelancer games from the 1990s.

"The Star Citizen community has been nothing short of phenomenal in its support of this project," said Roberts. "And for that we are eternally grateful. Our backers are providing us the opportunity to make a game that not only we want to create but one that they want as well. The beauty of crowd funding is that the crowd is involved every step of the way, not just with their financial resources but with their regular feedback and opinions as well."

Star Citizen’s crowd-funding campaign remains open and available at


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