Command & Conquer’s GLA Forces to be More Diversified, Less Middle Eastern

The upcoming free-to-play game Command & Conquer will make a key change to its gameplay that might just make it accessible to areas outside the United States and Europe: it will change the "bad guys" in the game from being primarily Middle Eastern' militants to a more varied group made up of all kinds of ethnic groups – including Caucasians.

Previous installments of the series featured the militant Global Liberation Army with characters that had Middle Eastern facial features. The change in design follows complaints the studio received from players who found Middle Eastern typecasting to be offensive. While the old GLA was made up of people from Kazakhstan, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, and other Middle Eastern countries, the newly designed GLA will include five generals of different backgrounds.

"This is actually a pretty big change for the game," Victory Games' Tim Morten told Polygon. "Anyone who knows this series will know the Global Liberation Army. But at the studio we had a bad reaction from people saying it was pretty offensive to have Middle-Eastern characters as militants."

"Now we'll probably just offend everybody," he laughed.

The game is scheduled to release later this year but currently has no official release date.

Source: Polygon

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