EA Formulating Used Games Policy that Puts ‘Gamers First’

EA Labels president Frank Gibeau said during an Electronic Entertainment Expo analyst call today that the company is formulating a customer-friendly strategy for used Xbox One and PS4 games based on information released by platformer holders Sony and Microsoft.

Gibeau said the secondhand market has "certainly been a topic of discussion this week" and that his company is still digesting the information revealed earlier in the week. He promises a more definitive statement on the topic at a later date.

Whatever EA decides, Gibeau stressed that the company's strategy will be what he calls a "gamer-first" and "customer-first" policy. EA wants to continue to have a relationship with used games that "is a very positive experience" overall for consumers.

Source: GameSpot


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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    EA did some amazing things working with Squaresoft years back when EA helped bring Xenogears to the U.S. Problem is they literally buy up companies the talent end up leaving and you have people with low social skills or skills like Stanley Woo left to insult the public.

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    Imautobot says:

    Even if EA started giving a crap about their customers, it'll take years to recover from the negative publicity they've already wrought.  I hope they realize they can't say their sorry and have all their misdeeds overlooked.  E3 isn't a Church, and the gamers aren't as forgiving as a deity. 

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    Cyberdodo says:

    It wasn't so long ago that Peter Moore published an apology on behalf of EA, that happened to be one of the most offensive and condescending, and least apologetic, apologies in recent years.

    That's probably also the only time in recent years that a representative of EA has truthfully stated the company's opinion.

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