EA's Peter Moore: Online Pass 'Was a Mistake'

June 12, 2013 -

Polygon's Colin Campbell pulls no punches in an excellent sit down interview with Electronic Arts' chief operating officer Peter Moore. In the interview Colin grills Moore about a number of topics including the accusation that EA lobbied Microsoft to create a system to deal with used games in Xbox One, EA's official stance on that new system, whether EA had a conversation with Jack Tretton over at Sony about used games, and if EA abandoned its Online pass system as a trade-off for a system to deal with used games on both next-generation consoles.

For starters, Moore says that EA knew nothing about Microsoft's system in Xbox One to deal with used games and that EA doesn't have a position on whether or not it plans to use it at some point.

Moore also vehemently denied that EA lobbied Microsoft for the system in Xbox One, telling Polygon that "as the guy who is the chief operating officer of Electronic Arts I can tell you that EA did not aggressively lobby for the platform holders to put some gating function in there to allow or disallow used games."

Moore also denied ever having any conversations with Jack Tretton or other Sony executives about DRM in PS4.

Finally, Moore denied that EA ditched its Online Pass in the hope that platform holders would give EA tools to deal with used games. Instead, Moore said that he was part of the team that ultimately decided that Online Pass was anti-consumer.

"Online Pass was more trouble to the consumer than it was worth," Moore told Polygon. "It was a mistake. The consumer's feedback was that this thing gets in the way of a good experience so let's get rid of it."

You can read the full interview on Polygon. If I were handing out awards for the most hard-hitting interviews of E3 this year, this one would be my pick.



Re: EA's Peter Moore: Online Pass 'Was a Mistake'

Well no shit Sherlock. Want a cookie for figuring that one out?

Re: EA's Peter Moore: Online Pass 'Was a Mistake'

I find it interesting that EA claims to be just as in the dark about this program as CD Projekt. I can understand why a small foreign company could not be privy to this, but a multi national conglomerate such as EA? Surely, they had some prior knowledge.

Re: EA's Peter Moore: Online Pass 'Was a Mistake'

Yeah, im calling bullshit on this. 

Other wise its such a huge coincidence that they got rid of online pass not long after MS announced the used game plans.

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