Seeing is Believing: Ouya v. ESA Outside E3

Earlier today we told you about the Entertainment Software Association's efforts to block the view of Ouya's presence outside the LA Convention Center with trailers. Ouya has set up a small exhibit outside of the E3 Expo showing off its Android-based console and related game properties. But these pictures sent in by ECA President Hal Halpin give you a better idea of how far out of its way the ESA has gone to try and hide Ouya's presence and Ouya's efforts through some extra visualizations to combat that.

As far as we can tell the situation has not escalated beyond what we reported earlier. You can check out the photos below:

Outside E3Outside E3

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    jedidethfreak says:

    Unless I'm mistaken, the call to the police is public record.  It hasn't come out connected to the ESA yet, so I'm less inclined to take the story at face value.

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    E. Zachary Knight says:

    Well, the ESA has not answered anyone's questions. Not even a simple "We don't discuss rumors." type response. There has been complete radio silence from them. So all we have to go on is Uhrman's word. 

    I do wonder if anyone has contacted the lot owner and asked if they could know who rented the spaces. I would suspect that the lot owner might not want to reveal that information due to privacy concerns, but that is one path.

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    jedidethfreak says:

    As was asked in the other article – is there ANY proof beyond what Ms. Uhrman has stated that the ESA has done this?  According to these pictures, it's only one trailer, which Uhrman could have rented.

    The ENTIRETY of this story is based SOLELY on the word of Ms. Uhrman, to this point.  Is there anything else to go on?

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