Microsoft: No Plans for Changing Policies on Xbox One Used Games, Connectivity Requirements

When asked by CVG if Microsoft plans to change course on its "connect once a day" requirement and policy on used games for Xbox One, Microsoft executive Phil Spencer said that his company's stance on those issues is fixed and "definitive" – at least in the short term.

"..we wanted to set our policy as it is for Xbox One in clear terms so that there wasn't ambiguity in what our stance was," Spencer told CVG. "That was our intent."

As for listening to user feedback and making changes, Spencer said that the console will evolve just as the Xbox 360 has over the years. He is essentially saying that Microsoft would not rule out any policy changes based on market trends.

Over at Polygon, Spencer said that the popularity of online play is one of the reasons why the company is not too concerned about the Xbox One's "once a day" connectivity requirement. Microsoft sees an ecosystem where everyone is always connected all the time. Of course all they really need to do is look at their own sales numbers to see just how many of the consoles they have sold are not connected to Xbox live that often or at all. We don't know what those numbers are but we imagine that they are higher than most people think they are…

Source: Polygon, CVG

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