Wonder City Teaches Young Girls How to Be Super Heroes, Leaders

Filmmaker Kristy Guevara-Flanagan, who is best known for her documentary ("Wonder Women! The Untold Stories of American Superheroines") about strong women throughout history and championing  the empowerment of women, has made a new game called Wonder City. The game, which is being hosted by PBS, lets teenage and tween girls do something besides "get a makeover," "date a celebrity," or "climb the social ladder."

Geared for girls ages 9 – 13, the game lets players choose an avatar and learn how to be a superhero or a leader. Guevara-Flanagan says that the game basically picks up where the film left off. She sees the game as a way to improve the reputation of women in popular media. Her game does what most games don't: shows strong female characters that aren't sexualized.

The game helps players recognize stereotypes and highlights the important women in history too. The game is episodic, so more content will be developed as Guevara-Flanagan finds additional funding. Guevara-Flanagan says that she is seeing a lot of interest from teachers and librarians.

Source: NBC Latino


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    Dan says:

    Kudos. We need more girls who admire Ada Lovelace, Hypatia of Alexandria, Anita Borg (Yes, thats her real name), Admiral Hopper, Marie Curie, Theano of Crotona, Danica McKellar, the Polgar Sisters, Jennifer Shahade, etc. etc.


    Recently, I got an indiegogo email asking me to contribute to a girl's coder camp. Sounds great to me, except it advertised a focus on friggin iphone apps. ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME? How much more counterproductive could you be, trying to brainwash kids with that shite so early?

    I'll stick to teaching my young niece how to use an abacus, C syntax and BASH command line.

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