Xbox One Terms of Service Contains Restrictions on Class Action Lawsuits

If you visited Microsoft's Xbox One Pre-Order Product Information you may have noticed three items in particular amongst its various requirements and restrictions:

•You must accept Xbox Terms of Use (including Xbox software terms and game license terms), Microsoft Services Agreement, and Xbox One 1-year limited warranty. Some games have additional license terms. •Terms include binding arbitration with class action waiver to resolve disputes. •Additional requirements will apply.

Basically it means you can't join in on a class action suit against the company if you have some disagreement. If you do have a complaint you will have to go before an arbitrator – which is hired by Microsoft to help settle disputes.

Of course it should be noted that this is the standard thing to do when it comes to class action lawsuits: Sony, Steam, and many other companies are doing the same thing.

The page also lists which regions Xbox Live will be available in at launch and that the games you buy in a particular region are only playable in those regions (in other words, the system is region locked.  For those keeping score, the PS4 is not).

Source: Microsoft by way of GameSpot


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