Xbox Shun Petition Lets Gamers Slam Microsoft for New Console

In the wake of all of the bad PR that Microsoft is generating, a group of unhappy gamers has decided to create a site and petition that publicly shuns Microsoft and the Xbox One. That site is called "Xbox Shun" and offers visitors the chance to sign a petition and publicly shun Microsoft for all the things gamers think is wrong with its new next-generation Xbox console.

So far 2,686 people have signed the petition shunning the Xbox One and Microsoft.

The petition text is as follows:

Dear Microsoft,

Please stop doing what you're doing.

I hate the restrictions you plan to introduce to gaming and I prefer things the way they are.

I feel so strongly, that I hereby confirm that I will not buy an Xbox One while these restrictions are in place.

Specifically, please action the following:
•Remove the need to check in every 24 hours
•Let me trade my games, as I do now
•Let me sell my games, as I do now
•Let me rent games, as I do now
•Let me lend my games, as I do now
•Let me own my games
•Oh, and let me unplug Kinect – it's creepy

I hope that you will one day allow me the piece of mind required to buy your console.

You can get involved by visiting

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