Banned Xbox One Accounts will Retain Access to Purchased Games

Xbox One players who are banned from Xbox One services will still have access to their games according to Microsoft's director of programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb. Speaking to Reddit Games, Hyrb said that consumers will "will always have access to the games that you purchased."

When asked about if the same rules applied to those who are banned from griefing, Hyrb said: "Well, then you don't have to add them to multiplayer."

Hyrb was asked questions submitted by Redditors by host Chloe Dykstra. You can check out the interview to your left.

The Xbox One will be available in November across 21 countries. It will retail for $499 in the U.S, €499 in Europe and £429 in the U.K.

Source: Joystiq

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    Conster says:

    Steam does that too – I pay the same in euros that USAians pay in dollars. Working in dollars regardless of your location is one of the reasons why I like the Humble Bundle so much.

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    IanC says:

    Even though its using essentially off the shelf PC parts (IIRC), which by the way worked out so well for the original Xbox, didnt it? They are probably loosing quite a bit on each one sold. Which is probably another reason for this DRM.

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