Dota 2 Player Gets Lifetime for Betting Against Team

Dota 2 network StarLadder TV has issued a ban for a player that allegedly bet on his team losing. The ban was issued after a "suspiciously horrible performance" made that player a winner of the bet but not the match.

According to Polygon, player Alexey "Solo" Berezin bet $100 on his team, roX.KIS, to lose its Star Series match against team zRage last week. By his team losing Berezin reportedly won $322 in bets. Starladder issued Berezin a lifetime ban and handed out three-year bans to three of his teammates, as well as a year-long ban for the entire team.

Team roX.KIS denies that it threw the match, issuing a statement saying that it "believes in the innocence of its players and staff" and that the "evidence base is very uncertain." The team also claims that the IP address used to place the bet was not Berezin's, and the site where he placed the bet,, allows betters to cash to any account they know the ID for. The team suggests that someone else may have made the bet in his name.

"Solo and Rox team do not agree with these accusations and we continue to ask for a full investigation of this incident (with the help from Starladder judges, players and managers of Rox, and egamingbets)," reads the statement from the team. "We look forward to understanding of this among our fans, and please do not make sudden conclusions."

Source: Join Dota by way of Polygon

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