More Details on PlayStation Plus and PS4

Sony has confirmed with that auto-updates, social features and some entertainment on the PlayStation 4 will not be behind a pay-wall. In confirming this news Sony says that it is "trying to be as balanced and as fair as we possibly can." TV and online movie services will also continue to be free to all PS4 users.

A PlayStation Plus account will likely be required to access back-catalogue PS3 titles via Sony's Gaikai streaming service which is set for a launch early next year. A PlayStation Plus account will also be required to play the multiplayer portion of games, though some free-to-play titles may not – SOE has confirmed that PlanetSide 2 and DC Universe Online do not require a Plus account in order to play.

"It is time to charge, but it is time to charge and still continue to deliver phenomenal value," SCEE UK & Ireland MD Fergal Gara told during E3. "A PlayStation Plus subscriber for PlayStation 4 comes away with a hell of a lot. First of all, the subscription applies across all three platforms [PS4, PS3 & PS Vita], so if you have the three platforms then you have an instant game collection on all three. So that's hugely powerful in its own right. But it is true to say that the online multiplayer element for PS4, you do require the subscription in order to [make use] of that."

PlayStation 4 launches worldwide sometime during the holiday season.




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    Mr.Tastix says:

    And this is why the PS4 and Sony still suck.

    Are they as bad as Microsoft and the Xbox One? No, but they're nowhere near as great as the fanboys who jerk them off think they are.

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    E. Zachary Knight says:

    I think this was pretty obvious to those paying attention. Think about it. They introduced a paid PSN account for what? Free games? Yeah, sure you got free games out of it (although not really free), but that was just an introductory offer for this move. The goal was to first get people used to the idea of paying for a PSN account. Then they would later and slowly introduce the real reason for it. 

    I think the problem people had with XBL Gold was that it was just dumped on the people. There was no conditioning period like there has been with Sony.

    I don't really have a problem with the idea of paying for online multiplayer as long as that is not the only thing I am getting. The access to free games every month is a great perk. It is such a draw that Microsoft has copied it. 

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    Imautobot says:

    It's still $10 less annually than XBL.  And since those vehemently opposed to Xbone won't pay for an XBL account, I don't see the issue.  I've already canceled my XBL auto-renew because I know I don't want to be Xboned.

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    faefrost says:

    It's more we have known about this one for 2+ years now, and long ago had time to come to terms with it. SONY had stated a long time ago, back when they introduced PS+ that the next gen console probably would have a small subscription fee, just to support the infrastructure and such. They had stated they were probably a little too generous with the initial PSN offering with the PS3, and the lack of a direct funding stream limited some of their service and infrastructure options.

    If it improves the matching and chat services it is well worth it. 

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    Monte says:

    I kinda makes me think the fanboys didn't REALLY care about free online play. the PS3 was doing so poorly when it launched that fanboys looked for ANYTHING they could claim as a victory for the console… but in truth they did not care about free play, they just cared about one-up-manship. When it comes down to it, just like all of the xbox live gold players many ps3 players ARE willing to pay a subscription fee to play online. Though another factor is that there is not much in the way of alternative's since xbox is paid aswell. So while this is not good for Sony fans, its technically not bad either depending on how you look at it… though ofcourse they could always switch to PC


    Personally i did care about free online play, but that's mainly because i don't play online that often, thus i do not feel it warrants it; I mean it might be the case that i'm paying for an online service that i won't use for months at a time. So i found it advantageous to have free multiplayer since i could just pick it up whenever i felt like it. I think though, for any games i plan to play online, i'll just look into getting the PC version of those games if there is one.

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    triplizard says:

    Brilliant PR move to bury this bombshell in their digs at MS during their E3 show. I've seen virtually no outcry about this in the E3 coverage even though the fact that MP was free on the PS3 was a major rally cry of the Sony fanboys. Also, if they're going to start charging for it, I wonder if that means they'll be upgrading it.

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    Longjocks says:

    There are some things for which you seem to get what you pay for. The perception from my end was that paying for Live Gold was okay because I always had a reliable service. PSN has always been terrible for me. It's why a focus on improving it is important for me to make a jump to the PS4 as a main console (just because XBone is out of the race, doesn't mean I'll get a PS4 for the sake of owning a console). I don't play multiplayer much, but when I do I want it to be reliable and I'm willing to pay money that goes into an ongoing service for this end – as long as that price is reasonable for how little I use it.

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