Xbox One Retail Games to Sell for $60

While Microsoft has had its fair share of bad press surrounding the Xbox One console, those still considering a purchase when it is released later this year will at least be happy that the price of new games will remain in line with Xbox 360 retail disc pricing. Games will retail for $59.99, according to an unnamed source speaking to Kotaku.

This news is in line with what EA COO Peter Moore said last week during an E3 analysts call. He said that he expected pricing to be in line with what we are seeing now with Xbox 360 games. Third-party publishers have remained silent on the matter for the time being.

Pricing on retail game discs for the PlayStation 4 still remain a mystery. Sony has decided not to reveal the exact price point games will sell for. SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida told the Kotaku he knew the price point for Sony's PS4 games but wasn't yet willing to share it.

Source: CVG



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    Monte says:

    Indeed, MS likes to compare the Xbone to steam, but the main reason so many are willing to not just tolerate steam's DRM but really enjoy steam is because of steam sales. Steam sales including on titles that are relatively new and still normally priced at $60 allows gamers to get games for cheaper; players care less about reselling games when they already saved a huge amount when they bought it. Can't expect MS to give their games the same treatment

    Though thinking about it, if MS was bold enough to announce that their game prices would actually be lowered to $40 would have allowed A LOT of gamers to ignore all the BS they are giving them. And that's the thing about claims that eliminated used games would lower games prices; in theory that's how it SHOULD work, but in practice publishers will try to get the most out of their games and thus fight tooth and nail against lowering prices in an attempt to make their profit by instead increasing their volume. I think Australia has felt this with the changes that have been going on game prices there should have been dropping but they remain high because publishers think their gamers are willing to pay.

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    Technogeek says:

    Really, the biggest problem with "Technology X will make games cheaper over time" is that you're still stuck in a Red Queen's race against inflation. The cost of producing a game might go down, but so does the purchasing power of 60 dollars in areas other than video games.

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    Infophile says:

    They'd cost $90 without all this protection, I'm sure. Otherwise how are they going to cover the development costs of a Gears of War game with twice as many distinct shades of browny-grey?

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    Imautobot says:

    If you make a game, you need to cover the cost of production.  I get that.

    But if you run up the price of the game, thus killing your own sales, why is that a consumer problem?  And at what price point do you think people actually stop trying to obtain legal copies, and choose piracy?  Raising the price is industry suicide.

    Truthfully, at $70 a game, I will stop gaming.  I already die a little inside when I find out I have to pay for additional content.  Stuff like Shivering Isles or Dragonborn are fine cause they're massive, but when DOA5 tries to sell me 3 costumes for $5, that's just retarded.


    Also, I didn't realize there was any ambiguity about PS4 game prices, Amazon is listing them at the $60 price.


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