EA Sports: Ignite Engine Has to Be Adjusted for PCs

If you are a PC owner that enjoys playing EA Sports titles like FIFA, then I have some sad news for you: you won't be playing the latest editions of these games. You'll be weeping alongside Wii U owners who also have been told that EA Sports titles are not available to you. The reasoning behind this, according to EA? Most of your PC rigs are just not powerful enough to handle EA's new Ignite Engine – the technology that was touted during EA's E3 press event being used to develop PS4 and Xbox One sports titles. EA does make it sound like the situation with PCs is a temporary one, at least.

EA Sports executive vice president Andrew Wilson has confided in Polygon that the lack of PC support is because most current PCs can't run the engine. While this might sound like a valid excuse it seems unimaginable considering that the company is bringing plenty of non-sports titles from the next generation to PCs including Battlefield 4. Is EA actually saying that the engine powering its sports games is more powerful that the engine DICE is using to make Battlefield 4? Apparently. House also says that when they released FIFA 11 way back in 2010 most PCs couldn't run the game and EA expects a similar problem with the latest game.

"Even though there were some PCs on the marketplace that could run that engine, the lion's share of PCs on the marketplace could not," said Wilson. "And the majority of the gamer base that was playing the game on PC did not have a PC spec that would work with that."

Wilson went on to say that Ignite is built for the "closed and stable hardware" of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, not the "open hardware" of an average PC.

"There needs to be some adjustment in terms of how EA Sports Ignite works to facilitate the open nature of PC architecture, rather than the closed nature of console architecture," he said. "So could I see the potential for EA Sports Ignite to make it to PC in the future? Yes, I think it's possible, but a couple of things need to happen."

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