Poll: Will Microsoft Reinstate Its Original DRM Policies Once Enough People Have Purchased an Xbox One?

Microsoft has done a 180 on its universally maligned DRM policies for the upcoming Xbox One.  Yes, universally maligned.  Every Alpha Centaurian I've spoken to thought that 24-hour check-in requirement was crap on toast.

In case you missed the news, the Xbox One can now be used offline (after a mandatory day-one update), games are no longer region-locked, and discs can be freely lent, resold and rented.

Awesome, right?  We gamers love the ability to game offline when the servers crash, import foreign titles, and play more games than our budget would otherwise allow through the judicious use of rental services!

Of course, we also loved the PS3's backwards compatibility and Other OS features before Sony removed them with a system update…

Say, you don't think Microsoft is just going to reinstate those nasty old DRM policies somewhere down the line do you?  Sounds like a poll topic to me!

Will Microsoft, mindful of the extended public ass-kicking its received over this stuff, keep the status quo for the duration of the Xbox's lifespan?  Or will a future system update enable 24-hour checks and cripple our ability to trade and lend games?  Vote in the poll then expand on your thoughts in the comments or send us an email at SuperPACpodcast@gmail.com.  As always, EZK and I will discuss the results on next week's podcast which should be significantly shorter than the last one.

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-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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  1. Andrew Eisen says:

    Because it's a fun question that will make an interesting talking point on the next podcast.  That and I'm genuinely curious what you all think.


    Andrew Eisen

  2. triplizard says:

    But didn't Sony just apply for and receive a patent for disc-based DRM for video game consoles last year?

  3. hellfire7885 says:

    Didn't they learn their lesson and quit doing that?

    Seriously, the way some talk it's like Sony kept doing everything they did wrong.

  4. Falcon4196 says:

    Shouldn't you also ask if Sony will introduce DRM once they sell enough consoles?  Afterall they are the same company that sold CDs that could secretly install DRM software on your PC.  Why is it that everyone now believes everything they promise without question?

  5. Deadagent says:

    Rather hard to say, this whole thing slightly worries me.

    They were completely ready to roll the DRM and then all of a sudden discarded it, which isn't the worrisome part. The worrisome part is that EA hasn't protested yet since they dropped the online pass and everything.

    Before that happens I'd keep away from the Xbone…… Well I wouldnt be buying it to begin with since im not an early adoptor and I dont care for microsofts consoles. But if I were, I'd be careful about buying the Xbone before EA says something.


    And the poll needs more options.

  6. Longjocks says:

    I can picture a slow re-introduction of some of these things over time presented as features. Both MS and Sony have done several unwelcome changes of the life of the current consoles and we've ultimately been stuck with them. They'll both do similar things again, no doubt. Whether this is one of them we'll just have to wait and see.

  7. triplizard says:

    Jeez guys – this is like a Karl Rove push poll. Why are you sullying your site with this crap?

  8. Cecil475 says:

    The more I think about it the more suspicious I become. I guess the way the videogame industry is becoming more and more anti-consumer has made me cynical. I might save up  for and either replace my 360 or get it fixed should something happen to it. I might get the 'Original' XBOX one day as most of the original XBOX games don't work on the 360. However I have really lost my trust in Micro$oft. It almost makes me get rid of Windows too. However I like my PC games so I'm stuck with it. (Otherwise I'd be 100% loyal to ubuntu instead of dual-booting it.) 

    I don't trust Micro$oft and I trust EA even less. If I lose any shred of sanity I'll buy their products used. They have  a lot of making up to do if they want any of my trust back. Getting rid of all that crap really is in the right direction. But my trust isn't a 'Day One exclusive'. It has to get off and stay off. I won't be in the market for a new system for about five or six years. I got to save up for one, but The only reason I would want to buy a new system is GTA. When and if Grand Theft Auto 6 is announced I'll start saving up for both system and game. In that time I will know if Micro$oft and regained my trust back with the XBOX One.

    As far as I am concerned they aren't doing this for the consumer, they are doing this because their business is in trouble. They got nothing but bad press from the gaming media once the details came out. An old roommate and I were almost convinced that the PS4 would do the same thing. But it didn't. And when Sony came out at E3 as a consumer and used game friendly system, It's fate was sealed. There was enough consumer hate against the new XBOX and Micro$oft tried their best to convince us otherwise. To say that we live in an always connected world. And it's true. With tablets, smartphones, laptops, PC's, gaming systems, and other devices that are too numerous to mention here, there are many devices that connect to the internet. The people with those devices and access to high speed internet do live a 'connected' life. However Micro$oft seems to forget that none of those devices quit working if there is no connection to the internet like the XBOX One will. And none of those devises will become useless bricks when support is dropped and the devices can no longer connect with the home office.

    In short nothing they said or did worked. It was either drop the DRM or the XBOX One would have not ended up making any (or not enough) profits. Who knows maybe they will turn the crap back on when they feel they have gotten their moneys worth. All they can do then is blame the consumer for the failure. It's possible Sony may do the same thing. I guess well eventually find out. And in five years I will know weither or not I'm getting a PS4, a One, or neither. Nintendo always wins my vote, but I'm not getting that for a few years either. I still enjoy the regular Wii.

    Sorry about the wall of text.

     – W 

    R.i.P GamePolitics 2005-2016

  9. Flynn says:

    This isn't even a question.

    Of course they will. Microsoft has a long history of delivery what they think you should get rather than what you actually want. Windows 8 Metr… er… Live Tiles is a perfect example. In 8.1 they put the start menu back but the trend out of Redmond a la XBox, Win Phone, Surface and 8 clearly shows that moving to the tiles is their plan. This was a simple placation of the angry masses. Windows Blue suffers the same defect and they have shown no intention of changing it. Once people own the system and have collected enough games giving up on the console is a costly proposition. People will rage against the changes like they have with Dashboard updates of years gone by but in the end they'll have little choice but to retire a sizable entertainment investment or swallow Microsoft's marketing d*@#.

    In the end they wouldn't have planned this kind of proprietary, obscure, creeperware unless there was a significant self-serving reason. Be it money, marketing or console dominance they had a plan. They knew it would bother people as evidenced by the PR folks dancing around the topic early on. It was a calculated risk and they lost the publicity war, but that doesn't change the potential gains they envisioned when implementing the system. It just means they had to back peddle some, let the consoles and games sell, then once the public is hooked they'll slip the DRM back in and remind us that only the first hit was free…

  10. prh99 says:

    If they do, they may as well count on XBone effectively being their last console cause the back lash is going to be epic.  

  11. MaskedPixelante says:

    If this were any company other than Microsoft, who just aren't clever enough to pull something like this off, I'd say this was planned from day one.

  12. Hevach says:

    More importantly than doubling down on it, they were trying to tell consumers that this is how both consoles were going to work it's the direction PC games are going – this was just the future of the industry and you can't be in the business and NOT do it.

    And then, the entire point of E3 was that literally nobody else in the console market is doing that and even most companies in the PC market are backing off of it after a string of high profile disasters. And two business days later Microsoft has reversed every single one of its claims.

    The cause and effect here is pretty clear, the only thing that remotely suggests this is due to the backlash is Microsoft's own words.

    And if you trust those, then we were getting all of those restrictions in the first place because consumers had been telling Microsoft for years that they really REALLY wanted them. And if you believe that… well, I have a bridge, but I wouldn't trust you to buy it.

  13. E. Zachary Knight says:

    Think of it like a forest fire. Forest fires are often left to their own, unless there is a likely threat to populated areas. So they watch the fire, try to determine its path and hope it doesn't hit those dry regions close to cities. Then when the fire reaches or nearly reaches those dry regions, that is when they react.

    That was what Microsoft was doing. They were watching the customer backlash in the hopes that Sony would do something similar. When Sony did what they did, that was like the fire reaching the dry region. At that point, their business was threatened. Sony was a big deal and factored in their decisions, but Sony was merely kindling for an already existing and out of control fire.

    E. Zachary Knight
    Divine Knight Gaming
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    My Patreon

  14. sqlrob says:

    It just took quite a while. They've had the "feedback" for months, yet they're changing it now? Last week they were still doubling down on it.

  15. Hevach says:

    Not as long as Sony isn't doing the same thing. It's still possible to "lose" a console generation after you've sold a trillion consoles. Just ask Nintendo.

    Their backpedaling has little to do with consumer blowback and a lot to do with Sony embarrassing them at E3 and allowing them to turn "features" that shouldn't even have been discussed into the sole meaningful focus of their product and the single most successful advertising the company has put out in well over a decade.

  16. sqlrob says:

    Poll needs an "I don't know"

    I think they are more than capable of doing it, I think they would do it, but I'm not sure what level of potential blowback it would take for it to not happen.

    Because I don't know what they'll do, I'm still hesitant to get one, but now it's at least possibility where before it was "oh hell no"


  17. evilmatt says:

    Exactly, and if EA etc can no longer use Microsoft’s DRM to help them take a cut of retailers’ profits on trade-ins, then they’ll just go back to nickel&diming the consumers with the mantra “we see no money for second-hand sales” as their excuse. Dead Space 3’s “pay real money for health packs” could be the future we get instead.

  18. Cecil475 says:

    I believe so. I wish I could believe that they would keep all that crap off of it. But I believe they will either reinstate it on their own or publishers (like EA) will persuade them to reinstate it. After all there was a reason for them [EA] to get rid of online passes. If it doesn't happen I'll be surprised and admit I was wrong.

    But if it does happen….

     – W

    R.i.P GamePolitics 2005-2016

  19. Bennett Beeny says:

    Of course they will. They surely think they can make money by doing it, so they will wait for the right time.

  20. Ultimate_Nova_X says:

    I thought of this question right when I saw the surprising news. I kind of think so as well. But it doesn't matter to me as I won't be getting it. What I am afraid of is that what if Sony and/or Nintendo do this down the line? Not to mention other developers.

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