Report: FAA Likely to Change Rules on Electronic Device Restrictions During Flights

Tithe Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is expected to loosen some regulations related to passengers using electronic devices during flight, take-offs and landings. The current regulations require that passengers turn off all electronics during take-off and landing, usually during the climb to 10,000 feet. The rule was implemented in the 1960's because airlines and the FAA believed that certain devices interfered with equipment in the cockpit.

According to a draft by a high-level advisory panel to the agency obtained by Wall Street Journal, passengers will be able to use electronic devices during take-off and landing – excluding cellphones, which will remain banned. These amendments to the law are still up for modification, according to the report, because they haven’t passed through the FAA yet. The draft obtained by WSJ also cites recent industry research that shows that one third of passengers forget to turn off electronic devices in the danger zone.

No word on when the FAA will institute these changes.

Source: Tech Crunch



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