Square Enix Shuffles Studio System Management

Darrell Gallagher has been named head of studios in a major Square Enix shake-up this week. David Anfossi, Stephane D'Astous, Patrick Naud and Hannes Seifert will take on new roles at the publisher too. The changes are part of a major restructuring of its studio leadership teams in Europe and North America. Previously studio head at Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics, Gallagher will be now lead all studios in North America and Europe. He will retain his role at Crystal Dynamics for the immediate future.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution executive producer David Anfossi has been named studio head at Eidos Montreal. He will lead the studio as it finishes development of the upcoming Thief reboot, as well as overseeing two other unannounced projects.

Patrick Naud takes on a central leadership role at Square Enix Montreal, which focuses on developing for mobile and tablet platforms. The studio is currently working on a new title based on the Hitman franchise.

Hannes Seifert has been named studio head full-time for IO Interactive, which recently laid off almost half of its staff. He will lead the studio as it continues to develop games in the Hitman franchise family.

Source: Develop



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