Xbox One Will Require ‘Day One’ Update

Speaking to Polygon, Microsoft has confirmed that the required Xbox One launch-day patch is not tied directly to offline functionality. Before consumers can start using the system they will have to download a "day one" update.

"A day one system update for Xbox One has always been planned to accommodate the differences between hardware and software manufacturing schedules. This update is not tied directly to enabling offline functionality of Xbox One, but is required for the system to function both online and offline," the spokesperson tells Polygon.

Earlier this week Microsoft announced a reversal of its previously announced policies regarding always-online connectivity and game licensing for Xbox One. With that change in policy, the console will not need to check in every 24 hours after an initial setup process, and users' ability to play secondhand games will stay the same as it is on Xbox 360. Microsoft removed the ability to play disc-based games without keeping the disc in the console, and to share a game library with up to 10 family members.

Source: Polygon


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