Apple Launches Settlement Page for Parents of Kids Who Bought Digital Content

As part of a settlement deal back in February, Apple agreed to pay settlements to parents whose children supposedly bought in-app purchases in kids' games on iOS "accidently" and without their parents' consent. Now the company has provided a means for claiming compensation. Apple has launched a dedicated website where parents can claim either a $5 iTunes Store credit or iTunes credit equal to the amount of in-app purchases made with a 45-day period.

If a claim is well over $30 or if they no longer have an active iTunes account, a cash refund can be claimed instead. Parents will need to be able to prove that they did not knowingly authorize the specific in-app purchases.

Hundreds of iOS games qualify as part of the settlement. Parents can simply use a "Qualified App Search" page that allows them to find those games which are part of the settlement. The list of apps includes Angry Birds, Clash of Clans and Smurfs' Village.

You can learn more about the settlement here.

Source: Gamasutra



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