Downtown Fort Myers Becomes a Video Game Wonderland in November

Game Nation will host Game Nation Celebration, a launch party happening on November 1 – 3 in Fort Myers, FL. The Downtown River District area will be transformed into what organizers call a "massive, interactive story based adventure using the art and culture of video games, immersive storytelling, and video gaming competitions as a backdrop."

Visitors begin in "customs" where they will create a character and be briefed on the "rules" of the game world. From there they will travel between locations throughout downtown completing quests, gaining achievements, and taking part in encounters. Interactive areas will include “Central Hall”, where you and your friends gather before excursions, “The Well of Creation” where inspiration was first born into the world and even a “Pirate Ship” waiting to be commandeered.

As you play and interact with those around you, the surrounding world will evolve, and you and your group could be tasked with “Saving the Princess" or “Capturing the Alien Threat". Players can earn Achievements and prestige and even earn collectible merchandise. The entire event is geared towards family fun too, so parents don't have to worry about exposing their children to any situations that might be considered "mature."

“Game Nation Celebration is our celebratory launch party to showcase all of the amazing things we are doing at Game Nation, from the Theme Park to the Role-playing game. Everything we do is based on the vision ‘It’s Your Theme Park’,” says RUKE, Creator of Game Nation. “Fort Myers will be our first test area where visitors will get an exclusive feeling of what’s to come. They’ll be able to evaluate some of the latest gaming technologies.”

Entertainment attractions include live music, Interactive Role Playing, video game tournaments and events, kids' creative areas and much more.

For more information on the three-day event, check out

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