Graphic Designer Accuses Naughty Dog of Lifting Map for The Last of Us

A graphic designer credited with creating a redesign of the Boston MBTA Transit Map is furious with Naughty Dog for using it in its recently released PlayStation 3 action game The Last of Us.

Cameron Booth posted his map online in March 2012. In a recent blog post (unearthed by Polygon) he said that he was "f*cking furious" that no one from Naughty Dog asked his permission to use his work in the game.

"Basically, I'm f*cking furious," he wrote.

Booth found out by accident that his map had been used after by a user named Neo781, who heaped praise on Naughty Dog for an in-game map that accurately portrays "the subway map of Mass" with "all the colors and names of stops correct."

No word on whether Booth is seeking some kind of legal action against Naughty Dog, and the developer has yet to make a public comment on Booth's accusation..

UPDATE: Booth has updated his blog to say that he's spoken with Naughty Dog and thinks "matters will be resolved to everyone's satisfaction shortly."

"I can say that they do acknowledge their error in using my map and were very apologetic for it," says Booth. "I likewise apologized for my initial vitriolic post. A lot of mutual respect for each other's creative work."

Source: Polygon

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