PSA: Ouya Available at North American and UK Retail Outlets Today

The Android-based home console the Ouya is available in North America and the United Kingdom today. The system is widely available for $99 at most retailers. An additional controller will cost you $49.95.

Currently the system offers consumers over 170 free-to-try games including Chronoblade and Final Fantasy 3, access to services such as, TuneIn and Plex, and a whole lot more.

The system was scheduled for release earlier in the month and it is not without some controversy; some of those folks who contributed to the Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign have yet to receive their systems. Ouya says that it working hard to resolve that issue.

In the United States the system is available at, Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and Target. In the UK you can snag the system from Amazon UK and GAME. For those in Canada the system is available at Amazon Canada.


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