Eighteen-Year-Old Chinese Man Sells Kidney to Pay Video Game Debt

Hearing about the youth of China selling their vital organs for something stupid is nothing new, but apparently the trend continues… Kotaku (by way of Tencent) reports that an 18-year-old Chinese man surnamed Zhang from the Gangsu province has sold his kidney. Zhang had to find a way to pay down some debt he apparently amassed while playing "video games" according to the Chinese press.

In need of cash, Zhang found an "organ dealer" to sell his kidney. After signing some dubious documents, he sold it for $6,510, but apparently the going rate for a kidney on the black market is $47,000. His kidney money was used to pay down his $3,255 in debts related to video games. While the Chinese media are using the term "video games" it is more likely that the young man was engaging in some sort of online gambling instead…

As for Zhang's kidney, it may not have stayed on ice long after it was surgically removed from his body. Apparently police arrested a criminal gang operating out of the Hebei province, China. The gang was arrested for dealing in black market organs and one of those organs – a kidney – supposedly belonged to a Chinese gamer.

This is not the first story of someone desperate enough to sell a kidney in order to pay for something. You may recall the Chinese teen from Anhui province who sold one of his kidneys to buy an Apple iPad back in 2011. The Chinese media blamed Apple for it indirectly, even though Apple had nothing do to do with the situation. Video games will likely get the same treatment in popular culture as being so addictive and dangerous to youth they might consider selling a vital organ in order to continue playing or pay down some sort of debt related to the hobby.

Source: Kotaku

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