Games For Health Conference Opens Today

The ninth annual Games For Health Conference kicks off today in Boston, Massachusetts and runs until June 28. The event focuses on how video games and videogame technologies can be used to promote health issues and be used in practical ways by medical professionals to treat illnesses, help patients with wellness, and be used to conduct research. Video games and gaming-like technologies are gaining popularity among doctors, schools, therapists and consumers who are playing games that are explicitly designed to help them lead healthier lives.

Over the course of the three day event, hundreds of developers, researchers, investors, entrepreneurs and leaders in health and health gaming will convene at the Games for Health conference at Boston’s Back Bay Events Center to observe and discuss the state of health games and test drive the latest innovations.

The event promises to give attendees a glimpse at how video games are being used on a variety of health related topics including helping children fight cancer, manage asthma, brush their teeth; diagnose and manage cognitive disorders like autism, ADHD and depression; address mental health issues; raise awareness on global health challenges, including malaria and HIV; advance research and development on new therapies through citizen science; and train doctors and other providers to deliver better quality health care.

Keynote speakers include Adrian Hon of Six to Start; Palmer Luckey, Founder of Oculus VR; and Steven Krien, Co-founder of StartUp Health.

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