Poll: Sony and Microsoft’s Consoles Are Region Free. Will Nintendo Follow Suit?

When Sony announced at E3 how much better it was than Microsoft, it reaffirmed that the PS4 would be region free. When Microsoft was sufficiently humbled and reversed its anti-consumer ways, it announced that its console would be region free too. This means that games purchased anywhere in the world would be playable on their respective consoles everywhere else.

Now it is Nintendo's turn. Nintendo has had a long history of region restricting its consoles. From the NES to the Wii U, every home console has been region restricted. This meant that American fans couldn't play games released only in Japan or Europe and the same for those regions. For many years, gamers throughout the world missed out on games not released in their region.

These restrictions came to a head during what was termed Operation Rainfall, a grassroots effort to get Nintendo to release three Wii RPGs in the US. Without an official release, fans would have been forced to modify their Wii consoles to play imported games and import them. Nintendo relented and released one of the games while third-party publisher XSEED released the other two.

In kind of an odd move for Nintendo, it has decided to region lock the 3DS despite every handheld prior to it not being restricted. Meaning this is the first generation of handhelds that could not play imported games.

But it would be far better for all concerned if Nintendo would simply remove the region restrictions completely. Yet, Nintendo has stood firm as of yet. Even as more and more fans are taking to Twitter, Facebook, Change.org and many more places to ask Nintendo to remove these restrictions.

So, do you think that Nintendo will give in to fan pressure like Microsoft and update their Wii U and 3DS consoles for the better? Let us know in the poll.

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-Reporting from Oklahoma, GamePolitics Contributor E. Zachary Knight

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