Play NSA Leaker Edward Snowden in New Parody Game

A new web game called "Snowden's Leaks: The Game" (starring Edward Snowden and President Obama) lets players take the man who leaked information about the NSA's spying activities (PRISM and mobile phone data collection) for a spin as he fills up USB drives with secret data while avoiding NSA agents and security cameras using distractions like doughnuts and hiding places like behind the American flag.

"After all the serious headlines about this matter, I thought people would enjoy something lighthearted," says Robin Ras, the 23-year-old owner of "We thought the Snowden affair is thrilling and has all ingredients for a fun parody spy game." Robin Ras owns a network of gaming websites that include several other video games."

The game is collaboration between two Dutch indie developers: GamesOnly and It was developed in 72 hours and released earlier this week. It's free to play.

You can check out the game for yourselves at or watch the video to your left.


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