Nintendo Loses Domain Case

The World Intellectual Property Organization has ruled in favor of the current domain holder of in a case filed by Nintendo, according to Fusible. The website was first registered in 2004.

Nintendo filed the case in February of this year with the WIPO seeking to gain control of the domain that is associated with its newest console, the Wii U. Because the domain was secured seven years before Nintendo announced the console, the governing body sided with the original owner. While we do not know what Nintendo can do further at the WIPO to secure the domain, if it still wants it badly enough it will likely have to approach the owner with an offer to buy it.

Microsoft had a similar issue with the and domains, following the announcement of its new console. In May it filed a complaint to the National Arbitration Forum to claim ownership of the domains. Those domains are owned by a London resident and were secured in December 2011.

Source: GameSpot


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  1. 0
    jedidethfreak says:

    Let me rephrase – there's no way he can use it in any way that makes sense.  It's obvious he has no plans to use it, since he hasn't done anything with it, despite having it for almost a decade.

  2. 0
    Papa Midnight says:

    Indeed. I believe Nissan Motors vs Nissan Computer due to the latter's ownership of and to be an excellent example.

  3. 0
    jedidethfreak says:

    While entirely true, the fact is the guy can't really do anything but sell the domain to Nintendo, now that Nintendo has a trademark on Wii U.  However, according to a report I read (admitedly unsourced, so take this as you may) the owner of the domain tried to sell it before the suit but demanded some ungodly amount of money from Nintendo for it.

    Now that it's trademarked, nobody else is going to buy it, and the guy can't use it.  If the guy isn't willing to budge on the price with the only entity willing to buy it, could he not still be cybersquatting?

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