Father of Jailed League of Legends Player Says Threat Was a Joke

The father of Justin Carter, the 19-year-old League of Legends player that now faces up to eight years in prison for threatening Facebook comments, says that the whole thing was meant as a joke. Today on CNN the father of the Texas teen – Jack Carter – said that his son was scared, depressed, and concerned that he may never get out of jail.

"He’s very depressed, he’s very scared…and he’s very concerned he’s not going to get out. He’s pretty much lost all hope," Jack Carter told CNN in an interview this morning.

"It's very hard, to hear your child…hopeless," said Justin's mother.

Justin has been in jail for five months and is currently on suicide watch in solitary confinement.

"At first I was completely shocked. I thought it was a joke. I couldn’t believe the person who called me, I told them they had to be kidding," Jack Carter continued. "When I realized he wasn’t, I literally broke down crying, walked off the job I was on and I had to have a friend pick me up downtown because I couldn’t drive."

Jack Carter acknowledged that his son's joke was not funny but added that common sense must prevail in this case.

"He’s a good kid. He didn’t mean it. It was a joke, and he would never hurt anybody."

The parents have found pro bono representation for their son through a local law firm.

We'll have more on this story as it develops.

Source: Kotaku

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