Google Study: Forty-Seven Percent of Gaming Video Views Come From Community Created Content

A new study released by Google related to its YouTube video service concludes that community created gaming videos represent 47 percent of views, while pre-launch material uploaded from publishers and PR make up 50 percent of views. Google's report also reveals that one-in-three views are from a smartphone or tablet. Google calls these "second screen" views, and suggests that they are watched while playing the game for guidance and tips. The study also noted that 95 percent of consumers watch gaming videos on YouTube.

The report is a confirmation that "Let's Play" videos and other community created content are very important to consumers and likely steer them towards or away from a product. Nintendo earlier this year decided that it would put copyright claims on some "Let's Play" videos, which irritated the gaming community to no end. A month after making that play, Nintendo backed off. At the time Ubisoft said that they had no plans to put restrictions on "Let's Play" videos, noting that the company was lucky to have the unsolicited attention of gamers, who in turn helped drive the community towards their products.

Google's study is entitled "Gamers on YouTube: Evolving Video Consumption."

Source: CVG


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