Sony’s Jack Tretton: Microsoft ‘Finally Got The Message’ on DRM

In a recent interview with Up At Noon Sony Computer Entertainment America boss Jack Tretton says that Microsoft 'finally got the message' on DRM. Responding to a question about Microsoft's decision to reverse its DRM policies related to Xbox One, Tretton said, "I guess they got the message" adding that Sony spent a lot of time carefully "listening to the consumers and to developers."

Tretton also insisted that Sony's pricing and positions on DRM and used games related to the PlayStation 4 were long settled well before E3 because Sony is a publicly traded company.

"A multi-billion dollar publicly traded corporation makes those decisions months and months in advance," he said. "We felt we had a great value proposition that people would respond to but you don't know how you're going to be positioned against your competition. We felt good about it regardless of where our competition came in, but lower is better than higher, we learned that with PlayStation 3."

He also talked about how he felt personally after the Sony E3 press conference:

"The industry does this [roller-coaster hand waves] and to really survive you have to stay even-keeled," he said. "I try to keep myself from getting too down but also I try to keep myself from getting too up. I really had to allow myself to enjoy the moment for a couple of minutes after the press conference finished and then you kind of have to shake it off and say, ok, day one of a ten year battle, and we have to win the consumer's support one consumer at a time, so it's back in the trenches."

Source: Polygon


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  1. 0
    faefrost says:

    We know they talked with developers. They asked them "What can we do to make it easier for you to make games for our system?" the developers responded "Make it a PC!" And they did.

  2. 0
    MechaCrash says:

    I would imagine that the company that invented CDs that rootkit your computer would know about the backlash over DRM.

    Now if only the division responsible for SecuROM got this message too.

  3. 0
    GrimCW says:

    Normally i'd be skeptical that they asked developers, but its almost as if it must be true.. As the usual is they'd claim that and actually be referring to the publishers. And we all know what the publishers seem to think these days.

    "If it isn't DRM laden to hell, its unsecured and we'll lose money!"


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