Undead Labs Resubmits State of Decay to Australian Classification Board

GameSpot Australia is reporting that Undead Labs has resubmitted its zombie themed action game State of Decay to the Australian Classification Board. Last week we reported that the game was effectively banned by the ratings board for containing "illicit or proscribed drug use related to incentives or rewards." Prior to this resubmission, State of Decay's in-game medications included methadone, morphine, amphetamines, stimulants, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, codeine, aspirin, "trucker pills", painkillers, and tussin.

But in a new post on the Undead Labs Facebook page, the developer said that the freshly resubmitted game replaces all drugs with "supplements."

The developers hope that this will give the game an R18+ rating so that they can release it in the region.

Since its North American release, the game has sold over 500,000 copies on Xbox Live Arcade in just three weeks, making it the fastest-selling original game on XBLA to date.

Source: GameSpot Australia by way of Cheater87


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