Happy Independence Day!

Since it declared itself from the tyranny of a King and a land thousands of miles away America has not been a perfect place. Even as our founding fathers, who wrote that " that all men are created equal," in the Declaration of Independence, they only acknowledged that a select group of few men could have access to those rights under the law.

Many of our founding fathers like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington owned slaves, and Jefferson often talked about abolishing slavery but never had the political courage to fight for it during his time in office. Some Americans treated other human beings like cattle and were willing to kill their fellow countrymen in order to maintain the status quo. Women were not allowed to vote until the 1900's throughout America and many races didn't have any real protection from the law until the 1960's.

Yes America has had a tumultuous history, and has sinned greatly in its short history as a nation. But Americans are a nation of fighters who have fought and spilled blood to give workers rights, to abandon the practice of using children for labor, to allow women and minorities the right to participate in fair and free elections, and so much more.

The core truth of America is that democracy is a work in progress and an ideal that its people must be vigilant in safeguarding and defending. It should never be traded in the name of comfort, or that in the name of security and protection.

Take some time to read the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights today for some inspiration.

With all that said, on behalf of all the fine folks at the Entertainment Consumers Association and GamePolitics I wish all our readers a safe and happy Independence Day. For those of you not residing in America, we hope that you will celebrate the fact that you are free, have civil rights, and have the power to speak your mind.

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