Blizzard Considering Additional Microtransactions in World of Warcraft

After an in-game store was discovered on a World of Warcraft test server, Blizzard publicly acknowledged that it is looking into adding microtransactions to its long-running MMORPG. In response to questions about this from members of the community, Blizzard community representative Jonathan Brown made the following post on the forums:

"We are currently exploring the possibility of adding a way for players in certain regions to make purchases directly within the game. As part of this process, elements related to this will be appearing on the PTR. We'll provide additional updates on our plans as development progresses."

World of Warcraft already features an in-game shop allowing the purchase of pets and mounts with real money, but a microtransactions system would be new to the game. What Blizzard might sell there has not been revealed but it also adds to the speculation that company might be considering a move towards free-to-play. It certainly makes sense in the face of the game bleeding subscribers – in the first quarter of the 2013 calendar year World of Warcraft lost 1.3 million subscribers.

Source: CVG

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    ZippyDSMlee says:

    Ummm no all micro transactions do is make you pay more than the monthly fee and screw up a game.

    Sure it can be done to not screw up a game but not by humans….


  2. 0
    Sleaker says:

    Title's a bit misleading, Blizzard already does micro-transactions for quite a few different things such as character transfers, name changes, etc.  Perhaps it would be better to say they are considering expanding the available things?

  3. 0
    Samster says:

    I don't blame them. Guild Wars 2's MTX model is doing so well that they've recently announced they're unlikely to bother with traditional expansions in the near future, and will continue to focus on their regular free content updates – except at an increased rate of bi-weekly.

    They're making significant buyer-satisfaction mistakes in their mtx store (lots of 'chance' items that are nothing short of gambling), but apparently it's making them money. It frustrates me when gamers are very outspoken about certain elements of microtransaction systems, but then financially support those elements anyway.

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    prh99 says:

    They've been selling pets and mount for awhile in the Blizzard store, bringing it in game seems like something they could have done a along time ago just for the convenience of their players who purchase such things. 

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