Club Nintendo Security Breached in Japan

July 5, 2013 -

Nintendo announced that Club Nintendo, its member rewards site in Japan, has been hacked. The security breach was discovered when Nintendo noticed a large number of access errors on July 2. This prompted Nintendo to conduct a deeper investigation. Looking further into the issue, Nintendo found 23,000 instances of unauthorized log-ins (with 15 million attempts) between June 9 and July 4 on Japan's Club Nintendo site. The security breach does not apply to Club Nintendo sites in other countries, according to Nintendo.

Nintendo says that personal information of Club Nintendo users in Japan may have been compromised. This information could include members' full names, home addresses, phone numbers, and mail addresses. Credit card information was not accessed or compromised by hackers.

We'll have more info on this situation as it becomes available.

Source: Nintendo by way of Kotaku



Re: Club Nintendo Security Breached in Japan

Maybe it's different in Japan, but I don't think there is any credit card info to access via Club Nintendo.

--- With the first link, the chain is forged.

Re: Club Nintendo Security Breached in Japan

There isn't as no actual purchasing happens on the site. Worst the hackers can od is spend other users' coins.

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