Heroes, The History of Sierra On-Line Makers Seek Community Funding

An indie film maker wants to put a spotlight on the company that created some of the greatest PC adventure game franchises in the game industry's history – and it is asking for the community's help. A new Kickstarter has been launched by Molotov Angel Productions seeking to raise $125,000 for a documentary about the history of Sierra On-Line. Sierra On-Line is best known for creating and publishing such hit franchises as Leisure Suit Larry, King's Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, Quest for Glory, and many other popular adventure games series.

Campaign creators plan to use the money for the interview footage they already have into a professionally-edited documentary. They're also planning to hire a composer to create an original score and, when the documentary is done, to initiate a marketing campaign to spread the word about the film.

So far the Kickstarter campaign has managed to raise a little over $5,000, but there's still plenty of time left to raise the funds.

You can find out more about the project here or watch the pitch video to your left.

Source: Kotaku


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